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People who are highly intelligent typically see the world differently. Their world view differs from those who have average IQs. They have different perceptions because they think outside of the box. Because of this, they act differently. Highly intelligent people also tend to approach situations in a different way than most.

Just like any other thing in this world, scientists have studied people with high IQs. They discovered that the higher a person's IQ is, the less concerned they are about everyday things. On average, people are always occupied and preoccupied with details of everyday life. Such details are etiquette, being organized, following schedules, and other things. Intelligent people think differently so they don't bother with such details.

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Studies have shown that highly intelligent people have a high tendency to use foul language

It's a good thing they're intelligent though, that will prove useful when they get into trouble because of the swearing. Here's a common misconception - we actually think people who swear like sailors are not smart enough. They use foul language and swear words to compensate for their lack of ability to engage in proper communication.

But in fact, a recent study has shown that people who swear a lot might actually be highly intelligent. The ability to come up with swear words is closely connected to excellent fluency. It's also associated with a superior vocabulary rate. This, therefore, discredits the misconception we mentioned previously. The one where we think people who "aren't smart enough" are the only ones who are good at swearing. It's actually quite the opposite - swearing actually involves a lot of thinking. A person needs to quickly come up with swear words and this can only be done by highly intelligent people.

There was actually a study done about this. Some academics in America decided to perform an experiment with different people. They asked these people to remember as many swear words as they can. They came up with surprising results. From the whole group, the people with the highest IQs were the ones who were able to come up with the most swear words. These people also happened to have excellent oratorical abilities. This showed that they really were smart.

Intelligent people are usually night owls too

And they've been this way since they were young. They are designed to be this way and this means that they cannot go to bed early. There was a study done on a large group of young Americans. It showed that the higher the IQ was, the higher the tendency was to go to bed at a later time.

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The study also showed that highly intelligent children grow up to be more nocturnal. This is as compared to children with average intelligence. The results of this study showed the difference between the subjects. Children who have an IQ which is lower than 75 go to bed at 11:41 pm on average when they grow into adults. On the other hand, children who have an IQ which is higher than 125 go to bed at 12:29 am on average when they grow up.

Because of this trend, highly intelligent people tend to be more relaxed too. The reason for this is that they have lower levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. People who wake up early typically have higher levels of this hormone. And the bad news is, it stays high throughout the day. Since intelligent people stay up late, they are also likely to wake up late. Because of this, they don't get the same amount of cortisol during the morning.

The good thing is though, that they don't need as much sleep as people with average IQs. Researchers have found out that intelligent people who sleep late don't actually need as much sleep. Even without "enough sleep" they may be able to function well. The study showed that after sleeping fewer hours at night, early birds got tired easily. But this didn't occur with people who were used to staying up late. This, therefore, suggested that intelligent people don't actually require sleeping 8 full hours.

Also, even if intelligent people stay up late, they are more flexible when it comes to working. Since they don't sleep early but have to get up on time for work, they are able to adjust easily. They also won't get stressed if they have to extend the working hours to be able to finish their tasks. This means that they are able to start working first thing in the morning. And they can keep on working until late into the afternoon or early in the night.

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People who have high intelligence aren't usually organized

They aren't like average people who have the time to think about small details. Try to think about the smartest person you know. Have you ever been in their room or their house? If you have, you may have also noticed that their living spaces are not very neat and tidy. A lot of intelligent people may find solace in chaos because that's how their brain works too. But ask them to find something from the mess and they won't have any trouble doing so. You can even look at it like a sort of "organized mess."

You might even notice this mess in an intelligent person's office space. There was even a study made at the University of Minnesota about it. They found out that the messy desks of people with high IQs are actually associated with their level of intelligence. These people are too busy thinking. So they don't have much time organizing and cleaning everything around them. In their minds, they are thinking about stuff which they perceive is more important.

The study also showed that a messy work space actually led to a more productive and creative workflow. Disorganized spaces seem to inspire intelligent people. They feel freer and so they are able to come up with fresh and innovative insights. By contrast, organized environments may make intelligent people feel restricted and too safe.