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Some people hate being late. But some people thrive on it and are known for it. Usually, these people are more positive and laid back. Do you have someone in mind already? You may know a specific person who is never on time, no matter what the situation is. If you don't know anyone like that, maybe it's you!

People who have appointments with chronic late comers usually get frustrated at their actions. People usually think negatively of a person who is always late. However recent studies have shown that something good comes out of being late all the time. Apparently, science claims that people who are always late actually live longer than those who follow time schedules. People who are always late possess personality traits which may just be their saving grace.

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Late people are better at not being stressed

It's a fact that stress leads to a lot of health risks. So if a person doesn't get stressed often, this can be very beneficial to the health. When you look at the bigger picture, people who are always late live longer because they are more relaxed.

Being late is strongly linked to being optimistic

A lot of late people are both unrealistic and optimistic. Because of this, their time perception is affected. Being unrealistic, they really believe that they can do a lot of things within a specific time frame. Let's take, for instance, a late person who has an appointment to go to in an hour. This person still believes that he can go for a run, buy some groceries, pick up the dry cleaning, and have coffee before the appointment!

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These kinds of people may remember times when they were able to do many things in a short amount of time and go with that. However, they forget all those other instances when the time just wasn't enough and things took longer to accomplish.

When a person is optimistic, he is also more likely to become successful. These kinds of people tend to perform better than pessimistic people. This is because they have a better outlook on life. They also tend to have more enthusiasm when it comes to accomplishing tasks.

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Late people also tend to be disorganized

 They can be classified as "Enthusiasts." People in this category over-extend themselves. They are also undisciplined and scattered. But on the bright side, these people are spontaneous, playful, extroverted, and high-spirited.

Late comers perceive time differently

In the past, there was a psychological study conducted at the San Diego State University. This study was executed by Jeff Conte. They made an experiment about people with A type and B type personalities. People with A type personalities are impatient and competitive. On the other hand, people with B type personalities are creative and relaxed. You may have already guessed which group late people fall into - the latter.

In the experiment, they let a minute pass. Then, they asked the subjects from both of the groups to guess how much time has actually passed. On average, the people with A type personalities guessed 58 seconds. But the people with B type personalities (which included the late people) answered 77 seconds on average. These people literally perceive time to be longer than it is in reality.


Late people are usually multi-taskers too

Again, they think time actually passes slower than it actually does. There was another study conducted in New York with subway operators as subjects. Through the study, they found out that those who multi-tasked often had a higher tendency to be late than those who focused on a single task at a time. The reason for this is that they are usually so focused on their different tasks that they end up losing track of time.

Think about it for a second. Do you know someone who is always late? Does that person have an interest in many different people? Does that person have a lot of hobbies? People who are frequently late are usually engrossed in a specific activity. This activity is something which they find extremely fascinating. When this happens, they end up being stuck in a different zone, only emerging when they're done with the activity.

People who are always late also don't make much of an issue when other people are late. This may be because they are able to see the bigger picture. Small details don't usually bother people who have this personality. In their mind, it's okay if they are late because they would also be okay if someone else is late.

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These people are also more spontaneous

They are laid back so they don't worry too much about schedules, bookings or even flights. When traveling, they may start packing right before leaving. They'd simply throw their belongings in a bag and leave. They also tend to "cross the bridge when they get there." This means that they don't plan much and they relish the thought of adventure.

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Here's one downside - late people are usually bad when it comes to finances

Because they don't really plan things out, they overlook their finances too. They don't have enough self-control to save up. Usually, people like this are impulsive, even when it comes to spending.

Late people find it exciting to beat norms and targets

They don't respond well to structure and strict instructions. They are linear thinkers and are more prone to making estimations. This also means that they can be more innovative when it comes to thinking of new ideas. They are able to deal with issues in unusual ways.

Even cardiologists have something to say about these kinds of people. According to the experts, late people are less likely to develop heart disease. There was a study made by the International Journal of Clinical Health and Psychology about this. And they found out that people with type A personalities are more likely to experience heart disease and similar illnesses. This is because they have higher stress levels than people with type B personalities. They worry less about keeping time and so they are more relaxed and less stressed in general.